Travelling by Car with a Dog: How-tos

For many of us, a dog is a full member of the family. All dogs, like their owners, also need an active pastime and a change of scenery. It is quite possible to take the dog with you on a road trip, although this task is a bit complicated. The larger the dogs, the more difficult it is to travel with them by car, especially over long distances and for a long time. In this article, My Car Joy online store will describe how to create the most comfortable conditions for trips with your pet.

The basic thing any dog owner should do is to give the pet a chance to get used to the vehicle. The dog should not be afraid of the car. Besides, dogs, like people, can get carsick during the trip. So, you need to train your dog to the car as early as possible, preferably from puppyhood.

Decide what place your dog will take. Of course, if you have a station wagon or a large SUV, there is plenty of space for everyone. Some dog owners prefer to put the dog beside them, in the back seat, or in the trunk of a car. Choose a place where the dog can sit and lie conveniently, changing the position if necessary.

To prevent your pet from staining the seats with their paws, cover them with a wrapping or a blanket. When transporting in the trunk, it is better to use a soft mat on which your pet can lie down quietly. A perfect solution is to use a special Dog Car Seat Cover which gives your pet enough space and protects your car seats. And don’t be afraid that the car interior can become dirty and covered with dog’s fur. If you have a Сompact Car Vacuum Cleaner, you will clean the car in two ticks.

If you are planning a trip with your furry friend, visit mycarjoy.com and find everything necessary here!

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